You can't eliminate the virus from your body. But...
You CAN keep cold sores suppressed.

We do this because we get cold sores

We started this company because our families, friends, and ourselves all get cold sores. Lippease provides cold sore relief. Our formula is the correct blend of ingredients to boost your immune system and help suppress the hsv1 virus and keep it dormant. Since 2010 CSP has been dedicated to researching and developing cold sore prevention products that are aimed to work safely, quickly, and effectively. Our goal is to eliminate the embarrassing and painful situations that all cold sore sufferers experience.

Try it risk free

We are so confident in Lippease that you can get it risk free. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Lippease works. But if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with us, we will refund your purchase price. Just send us an email and briefly explain your experience. If you love our product write us a review and we'll send you your next bottle free! Our goal is to help everyone live a cold-sore free lifestyle.


My friend gave me his bottle of LippEase™ and I started taking it. I have not had a cold sore outbreak since then! The best part is, that now when I feel like I'm about to get a cold sore, I just take LippEase™ and I don't even get an outbreak! This product really works. - Bill | Irvine, CA

“My Cold sores are gone!!! I like to share my experience to benefit others as well. I have been using Lippease for a year now and love it. I take one a day and it works for me. P.S. I also use additionally Echinacea Tea daily. and do yoga meditation. So Try it!!! you have nothing to loose” - Nancy | Dallas, TX
“I have been suffering with cold sores since I was a child. I take LippEase everyday as a preventive measure. My break outs are becoming further apart. If I feel a cold sore coming on I take two extra. Great product!” - Jane | Virginia Beach, VA

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